Metallic foot ladders have been constructed in the Mount Elgon area of Sironko District, Uganda, enabling visitors to easily access amenities and boost tourism.

Mount Elgon is the fourth-highest mountain in East Africa. It is in the Mount Elgon conservation area and tourist attractions range from game, birds, monkeys, caves, waterfalls, rock paintings and many others.

Climbing the mountain poses a physical challenge to most hikers and many of the major trails are underdeveloped compared with those at Mount Rwenzori.

The three major hiking trails on Mount Elgon are the Piswa and Sasa trails, and the recently developed Sipi trail. Sasa is the most used trail, and takes five days to reach the Wagagai summit. With the new ladders, the hike could take less time.

The ladders have so far been built in Butandiga, Elgon, Bukyabo, Zesui, Masaba and Bugitimwa sub-counties.