RecruitAGuide, a recently launched app and online platform, looks to bridge the gap between guides and operators to streamline the recruitment process within the tourism industry of Southern Africa.


For tour operators, lodges and agencies, RecruitAGuide’s web application connects them with a large pool of guides that are enthusiastic and looking for work. The technology allows them to select relevant industry-specific criteria, and then connects them instantly to applicants whose personalities can be seen in a video. Employers can currently make free posts to test the new platform.


The unique filtering criteria enable lodges, tour operators and agencies to see only the most suitable candidates for the position. The guides’ digital CV with video feature allows employers to gauge the personality of the guide before inviting them for an interview.

Benefits for Tour operators and Lodges:

  • Gain access to a growing database of qualified guides
  • Recruit remotely
  • Receive applications from guides who meet your criteria
  • Get to know your applicants’ personalities through video
  • Assess applicants’ communication skills through video
  • Save time and money when hiring

RecruitAGuide’s mobile app gives guides access to a digital CV with video functions. This allows guides to express their personalities and demonstrate their strengths. They can show operators who they are. It connects guides to the job market and highlights their skillset and what sets them apart from other candidates. The app lets guides either actively apply for jobs through the job board, or create the perfect profile and let job offers come to them.


Benefits for guides include:

  • Gain access to a larger job market
  • Create a digital CV that can be seen by employers
  • Show off your language skills and other strengths
  • Get invited to jobs that are tailored for you
  • Get fast responses to applications
  • Employers get to know YOU, not just your qualifications
  • No costs involved

Robert Bernatzeder, Chief Innovation Guide at RecruitAGuide says: “We are extremely passionate about tourism and how we can use technology to keep growing the sector. We are already working on our second platform, which will focus on recruitment in hospitality, covering all aspects of that sector using the same technology. This should open further doors in terms of access to market for many job seekers and streamline recruitment for employers.”

The RecruitAGuide App is can be downloaded on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

For more information or to sign up visit the Recruit-A-Guide website here.