Bundu Adventures has launched a Swimming Under the Falls activity for the 2019 season. It will run until December, depending on water levels at the Victoria Falls.

The activity was initially launched in 2013 but never got off the ground due to issues around which operator was responsible for the activity. “The issue had to do with other operators wanting to join in, with no control of the area and no one responsible regarding safety,” said Johannes Stallmann, Owner and Managing Director at Bundu Adventures. “It was up to the authorities to clarify the situation and decide who the operator is. This has now been done and Bundu Adventures is the official operator responsible for Swimming Under the Falls.”

The activity is possible only from the Zambian side of the Falls. Rafts are paddled across the Boiling Pot, underneath the Falls, and guests disembark and swim in the rock pools below the Falls.

Bundu Adventures is based in Livingstone, Zambia. Guests can book the activity through the Bundu Adventures website, or through any lodge/hotel in Livingstone or the Livingstone region.