An aircraft built by South African teenagers has successfully landed in Egypt, three weeks after departing Cape Town.

The four-seater Sling 4 aircraft was assembled by a group of 20 students from vastly different backgrounds.

The crew landed in Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda and Ethiopia during the 12 000km trip.

Another Sling 4, flown by professional pilots, accompanied the teen flyers, whose goal was to give motivational talks to other teenagers along the way.

The teenagers built the aircraft in three weeks from a kit manufactured in South Africa by the Airplane Factory. Construction included assembling thousands of small parts.

Pilot Megan Werner, 17, founder of U-Dream Global project, said she was thrilled by the accomplishment.

Megan was one of six in the group to have obtained a pilot's licence, and the six shared flying duties in their silver aircraft, which is emblazoned with maps of Africa on both wings together with sponsors' logos.