The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) is re-engineering its tourism brand, to tap into the country’s tourism diversity and grow awareness of the country as a travel destination.

The refreshed Magical Kenya logo aims to enhance the visibility of the tourism brand across key source markets. The rebrand will also include establishing signature experiences, which will incorporate working with the various counties in Kenya to improve the quality of existing experiences and products. KTB will also be further leveraging digital marketing, which is already delivering results following an influencer social media marketing campaign that was hosted on a microsite on’s website. This brought Kenya the Africa Campaign of the Year Award for its ‘Can We Kenya’ campaign.

CEO of the KTB, Betty Radier, said: “We are collaborating more with the private sector to revamp the way we represent the destination. Some of the programmes will include training of tour operators and feedback sessions that are designed to create synergies that elevate the brand quality and value. Additionally, the establishment of signature products gives the destination an opportunity to share more of those experiences that stand out in projecting Kenya’s uniqueness.”