Johannesburg has scored badly in a cycling study that looks at some the best locations for cycling based on data related to theft, accidents, infrastructure, road quality and bike sharing prevalence.

Ninety international cities were selected for the purpose of the study, by bicycle insurance specialist Coya’s 2019 Bicycle Cities index.

Johannesburg, which was the only South African location in the study, ranks 77 out of the 90 cities.

The city scored worst for bicycle theft, leaving it at the top of the list in that particular category. Alongside Medellín and Casablanca, Johannesburg also has the highest rate of cycling-related fatalities.

However, Johannesburg has the highest rate of bicycle shops per cyclist with 146.84 shops per 100 000 cyclists.

Readers can read the full list here.

Which South African cities do you think are best for cycling?