The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) together with selected Ugandan filmmakers, will participate in the Pavillion Afriques at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France, in a bid to market Uganda as a leading film tourism hub in Africa.

From May 14 to 25, an African Pavillion will, for the first time, be erected at the Cannes Festival – one of the world’s most renowned film events.

UTB CEO Lilly Ajarova said a number of internationally acclaimed movie producers had filmed blockbuster movies in Uganda in recent years, owing to its beautiful landscape and ideal weather, therefore the Cannes Festival would be a suitable platform for promoting the country as a leading film destination.

Ajarova said promoting Uganda at the festival would attract more filmmakers and also promote destination Uganda at an international level. She was also optimistic that the Ugandan film industry participation at Cannes would be a great tourism and marketing strategy, by tapping into a global network that would, in turn, increase the number of visitors and promote Uganda’s tourist attractions.

“Uganda is an ideal filming destination given its beautiful scenery. We have the best filming locations, and with a good road network across the country, filmmakers looking to come to Uganda will be pleasantly surprised to find a ready-made set for them.”

The UTB is responsible for marketing the country’s physical features such as forests, mountains, semi-deserts, lakes, and rivers to promote destination Uganda as a film hub.