Abseil Victoria Falls (AVF) has suspended abseiling activity in the Batoka Gorge in Victoria Falls due to high water levels on the Zambezi River, which makes the activity dangerous. The adrenalin-rush activity, which was launched last year, will resume once the water levels drop.

By abseiling, tourists get a chance to descend to the waterfall’s Boiling Pot at the bottom of the gorge and take photos of the Falls. Clients can go as low as 100-metres down the gorge, depending on the water levels.

AVF commented: “For now, we are on a seasonal closure; we will be back soon when water levels decline.”

Water levels normally rise from April to mid-July, depending on the volume of rainfall that particular year.

Other high-wire activities in the resort town include a gorge swing, bridge swinging, white-water rafting, sky diving and bungee jumping.