The New Zealand Herald reported that Kiwi actor Bridie Connell has been in a prank war with her father for 15 years.

Connell revealed that, in the past, school principal meetings, family holidays, live-radio interviews and even funerals have been hunting grounds for pranks.

The aim is to be the first to “pinch and punch”  at the beginning of each month, Connell explained on social media, with most months being pretty low key; however, sometimes they up the ante and go out of their way to prank each other.

Currently based in Melbourne, Connell revealed she plotted her revenge on a three-hour Air New Zealand flight, returning to New Zealand. However, her father was one-step ahead.

While on board her flight, Connell said a flight attendant approached her with a letter and revealed that she was receiving a seat upgrade.

The letter reads: “To my beloved daughter,

“I do hope you’re sitting back reclining comfortably as you wend your way across the Tasman. I can’t wait to see you, and I know you are going to be very excited and thrilled when you see me!

“By the way, while I remember… pinch and a punch for the first of the month, no returns!

“PS Aren’t Air NZ flight staff fabulous? I really do understand why it’s your favourite airline!” he wrote before signing off the letter with kisses.

Connell said she was annoyed that her father beat her to the punch, but that she was also very impressed.