Wetu has begun expanding across other continents after creating a successful and complete turnkey solution for the tourism industry in Africa. The company also continues to add new languages to its machine-learning offerings, with Portuguese added during the week of May 7-10.

According to Paul de Waal, CEO of Wetu: “Business growth has been crazy. We’re the only ones in the world who do this [the way we do]. There are people starting to do parts of what we do, but some are technical platforms that don’t have the content. Ours is a technical platform with content, so it’s a turnkey solution: you just pick it up and it works immediately. What we’ve done and built in Africa we have now taken to South America, Australia, Asia and North America, and now we’re working on Europe. We’ve been successful here [Africa], and now we want to take this idea and do what we’ve done here in the rest of the world.”

While confirming at this year’s Africa’s Travel Indaba that the company wouldn’t launch any new products, De Waal elaborated on the addition of new languages to its current product offerings, as well as the constant tweaking it is undertaking on its products.

“We’re highlighting what we’ve been doing in the last year… we’re launching new languages every couple of months. I think Portuguese is coming in the next week or so. That’s a gradual update on new languages the whole time; it’s not a major launch. We’ve been doing a lot of tweaking to improve the functionality. We spend a lot of time speaking to our client feedback and then doing the changes.”