The Indonesian market is price sensitive, and wants a jam-packed itinerary with many activities included.

“Security is also very important to this market, as well as having accommodation close to big shopping zones” says Angela Iacovazzo, Head of Global Sales and Product Development. “Groups and FITs like to be located near the V&A Waterfront, for example, so they have freedom of movement at their leisure,” she adds.

Having activities in close proximity also extends to safaris, with the Indonesian market favouring the attractions such as Sun City, which has nearby safari and mountain experiences, being in the Pilanesberg.

Growth of halaal tourism

Halaal offerings are vital, which has seen significant growth in halaal tourism. “Touch Down DMC in the Western Cape, for example, offers a halaal tour, which takes travellers to Muslim tourist attractions such as Macassar, which is the burial ground of Sheikh Yusuf – the founder of Islam in South Africa; Awul Mosque – the first mosque in the Bo-Kaap; and the Nural Islam Mosque,” says Iacovazzo.

The Indonesian market also favours hotels and properties that have prayer chambers, offer halaal foods, walk-throughs of areas that hold significance to Muslim history in South Africa, and historically relevant architectural tours. “And small but important details need to be considered,” says Iacovazzo, “like in the Cape, replacing wine tastings with chocolate tastings”.

“Touch Down DMC has offered halaal/Muslim tours for a number of years, but constantly looks at enhancing the tours” she adds.