Rovos Rail will commence its latest route, Trail of Two Oceans, from July 16, travelling from Dar es Salaam to Lobito in Angola. The 15-day train journey traverses Tanzania, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola, and represents the first-ever passenger route travelling the famous east-to-west copper trail.

The inaugural voyage will set off from Dar es Salaam and will include a game visit to the Selous Game Reserve, the largest such reserve in Africa; a fly-in two-night safari in South Luangwa National Park; and a city tour of Lubumbashi, after which it joins the Benguela line, with short walking tours detailing Angola’s recent history. Further attractions include visits to the town of Makambako, Chisimba Falls, walking tours of Luau, Luena, Kuito, Huambo and a visit to a copper mine near Tenke.

Rohan Vos, owner and CEO of Rovos Rail, says: “To be able to introduce a new adventure after 29 years in operation is exciting and presents me with a refreshing operational challenge. It’s taken over two years to acquire permission and have our proposed itinerary approved by the respective authorities. My team and I have flown across our borders on a few occasions to meet the relevant officials, drive the route and conduct site visits in an effort to smooth the way as best we can for our band of intrepid travellers who will hopefully join us on this expedition.”

With the company celebrating its 30th anniversary, Rovos Rail now offers eight trips around southern Africa with trains that can accommodate up to 72 passengers, and journeys that range from 48 hours to the 15 days travel of the Trail of Two Oceans route.

“Our new route coincides nicely with our 30th birthday. I’d like to say it was planned but I can’t take credit for the serendipitous timing,” adds Vos.