Kigali City Tour will soon offer sightseeing tours to some of the city’s famous sights.

Augustin Munyandamutsa, owner of the company, said the activity was expected to start on March 24. One double-decker bus has been delivered and another is expected before the end of August.

“We will provide more (buses) depending on the market; and have the capacity to satisfy the market with sightseeing tours.” He said Kigali hosted many meetings and the bus tour was a good way for visitors to see the city in a short time.

The three-hour sightseeing tour, costing $50, is offered in the morning, afternoon or evenings.

The new activity is set to take advantage of the booming conference tourism sector, which already has a number of notable international conferences in the pipeline.

Officials at the Rwanda Convention Bureau recently indicated that 2019 looks brighter for the country’s conference tourism sector.