Tour operator, Africa-Experience, has expanded its operations to include four destinations, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa and now Kenya.

“Kenya is the latest addition to our portfolio. We are small enough to care, and big enough to make things happen,” explains Holger Wiebe, Founder and Director of Africa-Experience.

The reason for the company kick-starting operations in Kenya seemed like the next logical step, according to Wiebe. “On the one hand, it’s the home of the safari, a well-known destination for wildlife adventures. On the other hand, there are so many hidden gems and unexplored spots. Unique and authentic experiences make it not just a marketing promise in Kenya; it’s what’s going to happen.

“It’s a great time to be operating in Kenya. We’re in it for the long-run and believe in the further positive development of the tourism industry and the country as a whole.”

According to Wiebe, Africa-Experience has wanted to start operations in Kenya for quite some time but needed the right people on the ground. German by birth, Alexander Meinzingen, MD of Kenya-Experience, has been part of the Africa-Experience team for many years and, having grown up in Kenya, knows the ins and outs. He is now based in Nairobi and, as Wiebe says: “He is our man on the ground.”

The company started operations in 2007 in Tanzania, known as the Tanzania-Experience, followed by Namibia, South Africa and, more recently Kenya.

Africa-Experience has its sales and marketing office in Somerset West in the Western Cape, where the company’s team of travel experts are based, however, Wiebe says its operations offices are based in each respective destination.

“While the company in Kenya is still young, we draw from the experience of our established sales office in South Africa as well as from the operational experience of our other companies, especially in Tanzania. Our teams work hand in hand and deliver the same standard and service in each destination,” concludes Wiebe.

Africa-Experience provides scheduled lodge and camping safaris for small groups of no more than seven guests; private lodge and camping safaris along tailor-made routes; experienced and service-orientated travel consultants with expert destination knowledge; professional guides who share their local knowledge with guests; and new, custom-converted 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser safari vehicles.

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