Camp Jabulani in South Africa’s Kapama Game Reserve, has unveiled a new brand identity.

“The decision to evolve and simplify the Jabulani brand identity follows a 14-year journey that has grown from an ‘extraordinary African experience’ to a ‘unique and soulful safari experience’,” explains Adine Roode, Owner of Jabulani Safari.  

The word ‘Camp’ has fallen away to reveal a bolder, more confident ‘Jabulani’, also referred to as Jabulani Safari.

In addition, the original logo has been tailored to embrace the camp’s history and redefined Jabulani’s journey. “A journey that we have shared with our loyal patrons and look forward to sharing with a new generation of Jabulani guests to come,” adds Roode.

The new logo portrays the evolution of the Jabulani elephant experiences over the past two years, as well as the acceptance that the Jabulani herd have continually shown to orphaned elephants.  

“The introduction of the elephant calf to our logo is a representation of this unique attribute of the Jabulani herd,” explains Roode.

Jabulani’s new website went live on Thursday, March 7, “focusing closely on our people, the elephant herd and the soulful safari experiences that guests can enjoy at Jabulani Safari,” concluded the statement.

To visit Jabulani Safari’s new website, click here.