Tourists will have the opportunity to engage with the City of Cape Town in an innovative and immersive way – through the 2019 Global City Nature Challenge.

It will be the first time that Cape Town takes part in the challenge, with only two other African cities participating: Nairobi and Port Harcourt. 150 cities take part in this challenge worldwide, which sees each competing to record the most observations of plant and animal species in their city (or city they are visiting).

The competition runs from April 26 to 28, and is open to residents and tourists of all ages to participate.

Cape Town will co-ordinate activities in the conservation areas around the city, and will open all of its reserves to anyone interested in recording, mapping or assisting with the four-day challenge. ‘Bioblitzes’ and tours of the reserves with local experts and managers will take place during the course of this challenge.

“We are extremely proud to participate in this globally important biodiversity competition and look forward to this exciting challenge,” said Mayoral Committee member for Spatial Planning and Environment, Marian Nieuwoudt. “With over 150 cities taking part, we know this challenge will be no small task for Cape Town. Our city is incredibly blessed with vast nature reserves and many natural open areas, but it is now up to us to showcase and display our fauna and flora. This challenge will provide residents and visitors with a fun opportunity to get outside and actually look for nature in this beautiful city.”

To take part, participants need to register on, and can upload their findings to the website or app.