Bagportr, a boutique baggage collection service in South Africa, will launch during the second quarter of this year. The service will initially be offered in Johannesburg.

The company will collect passengers’ bags at their home, hotel or other point of collection and deliver it to the airport for loading on to the flight. This means that passengers will no longer have to queue to drop their baggage off at the airport check-in counter.

Founder of BagPortr, Juan van Rensburg, told Tourism Update that while the passenger’s booking experience has evolved into the online space, the passenger bag check-in process had remained static.

“Bag-drop queues have become longer than check-in queues and passengers need a better alternative. Fortunately we have found a solution – a mobile check-in and bag drop, where passengers merely collect their bag at their destination,” he said.

The bag collection is ordered online and collected up to four hours prior to the passenger’s departure. The bag is then sealed in a tamperproof bag and transported under strict airport security guidelines.

BagPortr will collect from any address within 60km of the airport. The service costs R400 per bag, (can vary depending on the time of collection). It is worth noting that a 50% discount applies for any additional bags on the same booking, collected at the same address.

BagPortr’s IT and back office is powered by Nacelle. The company provides digital solutions aimed at delivering a seamless passenger experience.