The African Union Sports Council Region Five (AUSCR5) has invited bids from member countries to establish a sports museum, which it will fund. Zimbabwe has responded, saying a museum at the National Sports Stadium (NSS) in Harare would boost sports tourism. Zambia also submitted a bid.

AUSCR5 Chairman, Vetumbuavi Veii, and CEO, Stanley Mutoya, visited the NSS on behalf of the regional body, to inspect the site that Zimbabwe is proposing for the museum.

Veii said the venue would be able to accommodate the exhibitions of all ten member states and that he would take his findings to the Secretariat to make a final decision. A few alterations would need to be made, he said, and those would uplift the space to meet international standards. “Not only will it be a regional museum, but we also want to attract people from abroad to come and see what we are doing in our region.”

The museum will reflect the full history of the region. Activities such as exhibitions for the member states will also take place. It would also provide an opportunity for Zimbabwe to showcase the country’s capabilities, achievements and outstanding personalities in various sporting disciplines such as football, rugby, swimming, boxing and athletics among others.