Kenya Airways’ plans to fly to Tel Aviv have been put on hold.

The airline planned to start the weekly flights from next month, however the Sudanese government has reneged on its preliminary decision to allow the flights to overfly its airspace.

The negotiation between the Kenyan and Israeli governments was completed in November, said spokesman, Emmanuel Nahshon. However, the Sudanese government has rejected the request, with Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir saying that aircraft cannot use Sudan’s airspace en route to Israel. “We received a request to use our airspace on the route to Tel Aviv. The request did not come from El Al but from Kenya Airways — we refused,” al-Bashir said.

Michael Joseph, Kenya Airways Chairman is still optimistic that the flights will eventually commence once negotiations with Sudan are complete. “We are still on course; just waiting for the current issues to be settled between the two countries.”