The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) no longer charges fees for the guided nature walk to view the Sempaya Hot Springs in Semuliki National Park.

Sam Mwandha, UWA’s Executive Director, says: “This measure will greatly improve visitors’ experience in the park. We hope even the locals will now find it more convenient and exciting to visit the park, since they will no longer be required to pay separately to view the hot springs,” said Mwandha.

Visitors to the Sempaya Hot Springs will now only pay the park entrance fees, and no further charges will be levied. Other products and nature walks will be paid for according to UWA tariffs, available on the UWA website.

Semuliki National Park is a lowland tropical forest in western Uganda, hosting 441 recorded bird species and 53 mammals. The park is located in the Semliki Valley on the remote western side of the Rwenzori Mountains, and is dominated by the easternmost extension of the great Ituri Forest of the Congo Basin.