Tanzania Tourist Board’s (TTB) board of directors was dissolved on January 18, with incompetence given as the reason.

Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr. Hamisi Kingwangalla, said his decision to dissolve the board was well thought out, and he wants to give the new board members an opportunity to run TTB affairs better.

According to Kingwangalla, TTB has failed to market Tanzania's tourist attractions globally. "It’s over a year since I gave several directives to you so that you implement them, but you are not providing the feedback I want," he said.

The Minister previously directed TTB to establish a digital system that would help to advertise the country's tourism attractions to new markets such as China, Russia, Brazil and Australia, but the implementation of this directive was moving at a “snail's pace”.

TTB recently announced a plan to market the country's tourism product in the Middle East and East Asian countries.