In an innovative collaboration, the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) has partnered with the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, Waze, to alert and guide travellers to South Africa to all TGCSA-graded establishments in their locale, in real time.

The partnership was formed to promote TGCSA-graded establishments, while offering travellers certified accommodation places at which to stay. “We are on a constant drive to continuously enhance the benefits of getting graded,” says Darryl Erasmus, TGCSA Chief Quality Assurance Officer. “This partnership not only assists consumers with locating our graded establishment members, but also drives traffic to them.”

Embracing innovations such as the partnership with Waze highlights the TGCSA’s approach to modern technology and how it can assist establishments to be recognised from the palm of a potential customer’s hand. Waze helps TGCSA-graded establishments to appear on the user’s map, potentially steering them toward the hotel, bed and breakfast, hostel or conference venue.

TGCSA grading also gives members additional benefits such as unique marketing opportunities, access to market access platforms, participation in TGCSA’s strategic online partnerships such as the initiative with Waze, as well as exclusive rights to display the globally recognised plaque.

“Whilst the grading system is focused on upholding and improving the competitive positioning of South Africa as a quality destination, the TGCSA invests much capacity in pursuing greater value for our members,” concludes Erasmus.