The Blue Train has added an Observation Car to its second train set, which allows guests to enjoy the expansive view from the wide panels at the back of the train.

The interior is decorated in muted gold and rich blue hues, with fixtures including polished birch panelling with wide double-glazed window panels that offer clear multidirectional views of the landscape.

Two wingback chairs are placed at the tail-end of the train, with the middle of the car housing three seating coves on either side – short leather-back tub chairs coupled with solid wood tea tables. The entrance of the car has six four-chair settings with tables, ideal for small-group seating.

The Observation Car can also be converted into a conference room for business meetings and smaller events. High-back leather-padded chairs paired with birch wood tables are available, along with plug points, and an audio-visual set-up that includes a projector and screen.

The car also features a boutique shop that sells The Blue Train mementos. The addition takes the train set to 15 carriages.