The Park’s Shop at the Kruger National Park’s Crocodile Bridge Gate recently completed soft upgrades.

Crocodile Bridge is a small camp and The Park’s Shop nearby is managed by a team led by Mariette Strydom, who has dedicated 17 years to the park.

Improvements include a stoep (verandah) extension, which was completed in September, and the shop’s entrance has been positioned to now face the main gate, welcoming travellers with a comfortable stoep-setting and ideal spot to sit and relax after a long drive. Previously cars would drive past the shop, as the entrance was not highly visible.

In addition, the store has been filled with gifts, unique curios and souvenirs all made in South Africa, as well as coffee and sweet and savoury treats.

The coffee cabin has been renovated, and uses only the finest beans. To accompany the coffee, the shop also offers a carefully selected array of homemade, fresh, locally baked snacks and treats, such as jumbo koeksisters, lamingtons, pancakes, milk tart, carrot cake, fresh sandwiches and savoury options.

The Plant Nursery, alongside the shop, stocks a wide selection of indigenous plants.