A new app called ‘Accoleisure’ (Accommodation and Leisure) has been developed in Zimbabwe. Catering for both domestic and international tourists, it serves as a handy tourist guide for travellers.

Credits: Accoleisure.

A data connection is not required to access the features on Accoleisure, which provides full contact details of tourism operators and service providers for tourists, as well as allowing travellers to search for hotels, tourism facilities, transport, game parks, restaurants and music events in a particular area in Zimbabwe.

“The app will assist both domestic and foreign tourists to access information on where to stay, where to eat, where to visit and to find entertainment, as well as to make reservations,” said Elisha Chitate, Product Development Manager at Accoleisure.

Chitate explained to Tourism Update that users could do everything offline, therefore there were no roaming charges but said if users wanted to make a reservation or chat online to the service providers and establishments listed, then roaming charges would apply.

Credits: Accoleisure mobile app.

 The app aims to keep users updated on current and upcoming events as well.

Chitate said the app had not yet been officially launched, however they were aiming for the end of the week (Friday, October 5), as they were waiting for approval for Accoleisure from the Apple Store, which Chitate said had just come through.  “We are finalising the last steps for the launch.”

Accoleisure is currently available for download on Google Play Store.