This week Wesgro unveiled its new #ItsAllStillHere tourism campaign, which aims to show both international travellers and investors that the City of Cape Town has worked to get through what has been the region’s worst drought in history. In essence, to inform them that #ItsAllStillHere.

Working in partnership with some of SA’s top surfers – including Jordy Smith, Mikey February and Frank Solomon – the campaign is made up of three short, shareable videos, each featuring one of the internationally acclaimed local surfers. The message across all three videos is clear: Cape Town and the Western Cape remain a top destination for tourism and, more specifically, adventure tourism, offering travellers some of the best surfing conditions on the planet.

Speaking at the launch event, Wesgro CEO, Tim Harris, noted that the aim of the campaign was to reignite interest in Cape Town and the Western Cape as a must-visit destination. “For a long-haul destination, Cape Town has always been on the consideration lists of international travellers. But what we’ve found is that, with all the negative press around the drought and Day Zero being spread globally, we’re dropping off that list.”

All the imagery and impressive surfing footage used in the videos were intended to remind people of what Cape Town had to offer, and to show global travellers just how special the destination is, he continued. “While the films don’t focus specifically on the water crisis, they do showcase how Capetonians and local businesses had to change their relationship with water to ensure we all made it through what has been a very challenging time,” noted Harris.

“We are immensely grateful to Jordy, Frank and Mikey who took part in the campaign free of charge,” he concluded. “We are honoured to have such passionate international spokespeople for the city and province, who were willing to give up time to tell Cape Town’s story.”