“The world looks at Africa as a country. If the world looks at Africa as a country, use it to your advantage to the extent that before any one of us in our 54 countries wins, you’ve got to convince people to come to the continent.”  

So said SA Tourism CEO, Sisa Ntshona, on a recent working visit to Accra, Ghana.

The interview was conducted with Myjoyonline.com during a Tourism and Travel Stakeholders’ Dinner at the Labadi Beach Hotel, during which Ntshono called for a collaborative effort between African countries to increase the continent’s share of tourism, globally. He believes that through such a collaboration – with all 54 African countries working together – Africa’s current market share of only 5% could change.

“There is so much we can do,” says Ntshona, “but we can only do it if we collaborate… We don’t need to have 54 countries that look the same; we want 54 different experiences, different languages, different cultures, and different foods…”.

Ntshona, however, adds that the difficulty is getting these collaborative efforts off the ground, and different countries have different levels of advancement. “Some are more advanced than others…[so] how do we make sure that we all play ball at the same time…we just combine hands with those that see tourism as a driver at the moment.”

Watch the interview with SA Tourism CEO, Sisa Ntshona, below: