Almost three times as many people as expected checked out the first Online Expo in the African tourism and travel industry.

The Now Media Show, a one-day expo aimed at travel marketers, featured exhibitors and a line-up of authoritative speakers on marketing issues.

The main purpose was to demonstrate how such technology looks and works as it emulates a traditional show and can be used to reach a geographically spread target audience like tour planners, said organiser Natalie Cumberledge.

Future shows will be specifically targeted at tour planners and consultants.

Cumberledge, who comes from a background of running traditional consumer and specialist shows, said afterwards that the attendance of 399 had smashed expectations. “It had proved the ability for exhibitors to reach people who in the past could not afford the time or cost of leaving their workstation,” she said.

Reshma Diva in Tshwane summed it up: “Love the idea. The way of future expos. Great for consultants who can now interact with suppliers and get updated on products via a virtual show! Well done!

To access the archived presentations, and view the demo of the online exhibition, visit The Now Media Show.

Online Expos is a division of Now Media which publishes Tourism Update.

Contact Cumberledge at if you have show ideas or want to see the demo.