West Coast Way has launched South Africa’s Road Trip with the Most Twists. The road trip offers tourists six options of routes with 101 points of interest to explore.

The ‘twists’ on the road trip each feature their own attractions within various themes. These include Scenic, Berg, Foodie, Cultural, Wild and the newly-launched Cape Way Route.

Each route is designed to showcase sites, attractions and activities in the Cape West Coast and inland areas, many of which are lesser-known spots.

Visitors can choose as many or as few of the six twists as they wish, and can customise their road trips by mixing and matching stops along the different routes. This means tourists can match their own time and budget constraints with their interests.

Carmen Lerm, Founder and CEO of West Coast Way, says: “Whether you are catering for younger kids who quickly get bored in the car, fussy teens who are hard to please, adrenaline junkies, art lovers, foodies, nature enthusiasts or sports lovers – the stops along the various routes have something for everyone.”