After having a fight with his mum a 12-year-old boy from Australia took his mother’s credit card and ran away to Bali.

According to the Washington Post, ‘Drew’ chose Bali because his family had holidayed there in the past. He managed to book a flight on Jetstar Airways, after two previous attempts to secure a seat to Indonesia with other airlines had failed, and used a self-service kiosk to print his boarding pass.

Once in Indonesia, he apparently told customs and immigration officials that his mom lived in Bali and was waiting for him outside. He then checked in to the All Seasons Resort Legian in Bali, again paying with his parents’ credit card.

He spent the next four days at the resort and the surrounding area, and claims to have tried a beer on the beach. His parents, meanwhile, reported him missing in New South Wales. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) received information that Drew was in Bali on March 17, and contacted the Indonesian National Police, who took Drew into custody the following day.

“It was great, ’cause I wanted to go on an adventure,” Drew told Australian broadcaster 9 News in an interview.

The adventure reportedly cost his parents around R75 000.

However his grandmother, Linda, maintains that he is a good kid. “He’s just too intelligent for his own self at the moment,” she said.