A new exciting activity, scenic abseiling, has launched in Victoria falls.

Comfort Chinengundu, Director of Abseil Victoria Falls, told Tourism Update that the activity was in the most scenic abseiling site in the world with the backdrop of Victoria Falls, Boiling Pot and the Victoria Falls Bridge.

Chinengundu said: “Our abseiling activity starts with clients either self-touring the rain forest or with our free guided tour of the Falls. At the end of the guided tour or self-tour, just before the bridge, our launch site is hidden behind the trees.”

A safety briefing is done prior to the activity. Clients are kitted up in full body harness, ready to abseil 100m down to the bottom, taking in the surrounding scenic views. They land on the apron of flat solid rock overlooking the Boiling Pot and straight ahead to the view of the Falls from below.

The scenic experience is next to none and during hot months clients are greeted with a refreshing breeze coming straight from the Falls. This unique view is exclusively only possible from this location and those standing at the Boiling Pot on the Zambian side do not have this view due to the curve of the Gorge.

Once at the bottom, the client is unhooked from the ropes and can explore the area, giving them time to relax in a less congested area and take in the view of the Falls. The amazing Zambezi white water rapids are a mere stone’s throw away.

The activity is professionally photographed and filmed using 360-degree camera to capture both the client and unique scenery. The photos and videos are sold separately by a third-party provider at customers’ request.

The activity is offered daily from 08h00 to 17h00 with ten slots an hour during high water and 16 during low water.

Complimentary transfers are offered from all hotels and lodges around Victoria Falls town centre. Refreshments offered include mineral water, soft drinks and juices.

During high-water abseiling no one under 14 is allowed and at low-water, no one under 10 is allowed.

The price of the activity is $65 (abseiling only). Abseiling with a guided tour of the Falls is $75. Abseiling and under the Falls tour, which includes swimming under the Falls, rock climbing, Mini Rafting and Gorge Hike is $110 inclusive of free guided tour of the Falls.

Children under 14 pay 50% of the adult prices. All the above prices are exclusive of rainforest entrance fee.

Abseiling, is an eco-friendly tourism product in line with the country's dream of making Victoria Falls a green destination. Abseil Victoria Falls is planning to plant trees around the site to keep it as natural as possible.