Situated 3222 metres above sea level in the northern highlands of Lesotho, the Gin, Wine & Jazz Festival is set to attract a wide range of visitors looking for mountain adventure, food, wine and music, showcasing all the destination has to offer. 

Afriski Mountain Resort host this year’s event, in partnership with Eighteen13, from June 1 to 3 in the Maluti Mountains, Lesotho.

“The Wine, Gin and Jazz Festival, Winterfest and CrankChaos, are just a few of the events that highlight what Afriski and Lesotho have to offer as a destination,” comments Afriski Marketing Manager, Nicola Gerrard.

“Lesotho is an incredible country for mountain adventure. It attracts local and international tourists year round – tourists that are looking for hiking, mountain biking and endurance adventures in a rural and untouched setting, while still being a beautiful and safe country for families. Not forgetting bucket list experiences such as skiing and snowboarding on real snow in the winter months,” says Gerrard.

Gin, Wine & Jazz Festival 2017. Credits: Afriski. 

Afriski Operations Director, Peter Peyper says: “We are very excited to host this event for the second time. Through our partnership with Eighteen13, we believe this could become the premier wine festival in Lesotho.”

Wines to be showcased at the festival are a variety of boutique wines from different regions within the Western Cape. Each wine is paired with an activity, such as wine pong, and mieliegat or pétanque, both forms of boules.

A one-hour wine masterclass is also on offer. The masterclass will be presented by wine expert Cezanne Kouta, who will cover basic tips on wine-tasting etiquette. In addition, Kouta will touch on the role of climate change in the wine-making process.

Eighteen13 Holdings Company, a boutique wine company based in Johannesburg, which regularly presents wine-tasting events, will be showcasing its wine selection, which includes non-commercial South African wines available, as well as craft gins.

For the more adventurous, activities that will be on offer vary, from guided trails and monster rolling to abseiling and bumboarding.

Tickets include live entertainment, gin and wine tasting, food pairing, as well as sundowners with canapés. Accommodation and ski packages are booked separately.

Gerrard continues: "A spectacular mountain destination that is proud to be the hidden gem of Southern Africa. It's right on our doorstep - an easy 4.5 hour from Johannesburg to the closest border post or 5.5 from Durban. Another important factor is how accessible it is, with normal 2x4 vehicles suitable to explore most of the country. World-record abseiling, top class mountain biking and spectacular trail running areas, not forgetting the famous Basotho pony trekking, are just a few of what Lesotho has to offer." 

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