The visa waiver between South Africa and Angola, which came into effect in November, has opened the tourism gateway between the two countries. In the spirit of this open channel, Houston Travel Marketing Services aims to promote tourism from Angola to Southern and East Africa through its first Spotlight TravelExpo in Luanda on Wednesday June 20 at Talantona Hotel and Conference Centre.

Last year Angola ranked as South Africa’s second biggest Africa air source market, with 49 000 arrivals recorded. The capital, Luanda, is served by a number of international as well as African carriers, and Iata has forecast a trebling in the size of Angola’s air transport market to 7.1m passengers a year by 2036, at the present forecast annual growth rate of 6.7%.

Interest has already been shown from potential exhibitors in the Maldives, South Africa, Seychelles, Kenya and Zanzibar, and Houston Travel Marketing Services has secured the support of the Angola Travel Agents Association (AAVOTA), who have endorsed the event and are encouraging their members to take part.


Derek Houston, CEO of Houston Travel Marketing Services says: “The Expo will give exhibitors and delegates the opportunity to meet with Angolan travel agents who sell outbound travel from Angola to Southern and East Africa; network with them and market their destinations and products; negotiate rates and special packages; and generally foster good working relationships.”

Houston adds that with many of the Angolan travel agents being Portuguese speaking and not well versed in English, translators will be available on site to assist with easy communication.

TAAG Angola Airlines will be offering exhibitors a 75% discount on airfares on the AD 75 aircraft to Luanda from Johannesburg, Cape Town and other southern African cities, and will also be increasing its number of flights into Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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