Air Mauritius has cancelled further flights to and from Mauritius today (January 18). 

On the Johannesburg and Cape Town routes, flights MK851 and MK852, and flights MK843 and MK844 have been cancelled respectively.

Further flight cancellations are as follows:

-Rodrigues: MK120/121, MK130/121, MK140/141.

-Réunion, St Denis: MK218/219, MK238/239, MK248/249.

-Réunion, St Pierre: MK226/227, MK256/257.

-Antananarivo: MK288/289/

The airline continues to convey information about flight disruptions to the public through communiques, on its website and through its SMS service.

In a statement, MK said it would resume operations when all cyclone warnings had been removed, the airport had reopened and when it was satisfied it could operate safely.