Technology firm Dei intends to increase local tourism in Kenya by 20% before the end of the year through its social networking platform, Dei Places. The platform is geared to promote Africa’s tourism potential.

Designed by developers from America, China and Uganda and launched in Nairobi on January 15, the platform helps subscribers to create and share places and memories with friends and families. The Ugandan-based platform also aims to be beneficial to African tourism and travel stakeholders, as they can market their products, tour spots and activities.

 “There are over a billion places across the continent worth visiting but people do not know about them. Dei Places is now here to help us market such places to the world. If [the platform] well embraced, I am certain we will increase local tourism in Kenya by over 20%,” said the platform’s Business Development Manager, Paul Bamutaze.

Dei Places is accessible worldwide and Bamutaze aims to use the platform to boost Africa’s international tourist arrivals as well. “The world has become too small for people to only think about the value they can add to their localities. At Dei Technologies, our focus is now global.”

Mathias Magoola, Chairman of Dei Group International, called on African youth to embrace the platform.

“We are in times where so many people don’t have jobs. And this is not only in Africa, but across the globe. Dei Places is here; you can now market your place to tourists, market your business to your clients, and develop more connections. I encourage you to embrace this opportunity.”