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Tip #3 | What is a Micro-moment?

Google increasingly talks about so-called ‘micro-moments’, or ‘moments of decision’.

But what does this actually mean?

It refers to reaching the right person at the right time with the right statement at each individual point of contact.

Today there are no classic ‘online-sessions’ like a year or two ago. We don’t ‘go online’ any more – we live online.  We are permanently connected to the world through the Internet.

In the hospitality industry, this applies especially to our international guests.

The increasing spread of mobile devices makes life easy, well at least for them. At any time we have the power to do anything we like at our fingertips. We can search for information, book or buy things instantly. Time and location are no longer factors. It has never been easier to reach the right person at the right point in time with the right news at each individual point of contact.

We not only use the Internet for emails and to stay in contact with friends, we also experience moments online with intent and enthusiasm.  

Moments where we search for information, discover new things and are willing to make an instant decision.  These are the ‘moments of decision’ or the ‘micro-moments’.  

We all know them: the ‘I-want-to-look-at-this-NOW’ moments, the ‘I-want-to-do-this-NOW’ moments, the ‘I-have-to-find-this-NOW’ moments and the ‘I-want-to-have-this-NOW’ moments.

These are moments, in which we expect our wishes and yearnings to be fulfilled immediately.  Now. Not days or even an hour later. If it’s not instant, the moment is missed and with this, potential turnover for your business is lost.


How can these moments be fully utilised?

1. Identify the relevant moments of your target audience. For tourism they are the ‘I-want-to-go-there’ or ‘I-want-to-do-this’ moments.

2. Fulfil the client’s demands instantly.  An email answer one or two days later is no longer satisfactory for most potential clients. The ‘moment’ was missed, the potential business lost.

3. Make all moments of decision measurable.  This way you can recognise whether you reached your target audience at the right moment and whether a moment was also successfully translated into a booking.


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