These five people set themselves unusual travel challenges and actually managed to achieve them.

1.Visiting every country in the world without flying. Graham Hughes, from Liverpool, started this challenge in Uruguay on January 1, 2009 and finished in Russia on January 30, 2013. He covered 201 countries in 1 436 days and laid claim to a Guinness World Record.

2.Taking every bus line in Buenos Aires. Daniel Tunnard, who has lived in Buenos Aires since 1999, started this challenge in September 2011 and finished in April 2012. Daniel took all 140 bus lines, across 202 square kilometres. He travelled three bus lines a day, sometimes sitting for up to 14 hours.

3.Climbing every peak in New England. Allison Nadler, from Massachusetts, started this challenge in June 2011 and finished it in October 2013. Allison hiked up all 67 mountains in the area that are over 4 000 feet.

4.Going ‘everywhere’ in Australia. Peter Harris, from New South Wales, took inspiration from the 1959 Australian song, I’ve Been Everywhere, by Geoff Mack, which lists 94 Australian place names. He started the challenge in December 2009 and finished it in September 2011.

5.Visiting all the places in Britain starting with the letter ‘Z’. Dixie Wills, well known British travel writer, started this challenge in September 2004 and finished it in April 2005. Dixie visited all 41 places in Great Britain that begin with the letter ‘Z’, documenting them in his first book, The Z-Z of Great Britain