The Department of Tourism is rolling out its “30 in 5” campaign, which seeks to increase the proportion of women in tourism management positions to 30% in the next five years.

Speaking during a webinar hosted by Tourism Update, in partnership with SA Tourism, department Deputy Director General, Morongwe Ramphele, said the department hosted women in tourism breakfasts in four cities and one town as part of the campaign.

SA Tourism Chief Marketing Officer, Margie Whitehouse, highlighted that 70% of the jobs in tourism are occupied by women. While women occupy the majority of the jobs in tourism, the majority of senior positions are occupied by men. “Women are concentrated in the lowest paid, lowest skilled sectors of the industry and they carry out a large amount of unpaid work in family businesses.”

During the webinar, Ramphele, Whitehouse and Mmatšatši Ramawela, TBCSA CEO, unpacked some of the challenges facing women entering the sector. Ramphele also highlighted some of the department initiatives to elevate women.

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