Tourism growth from overseas markets finished the first half of 2017 with a flourishing 12% hike in June. Major key markets showed varying results, with arrivals from India and China taking a dip, according to the latest figures from Statistics SA.

Arrivals from Europe continue to show steady strong growth, with a 9% month-on-month change. Arrivals in June 2016 were at 59 118 and this year they reached 64 316, resulting in an 11% year-to-date increase.

France continue to show strong growth, sitting at 29% month-on-month change, with an increase from 5 792 arrivals in June 2016 to 7 491 for June 2017. Germany also showed a solid increase, with arrivals up 24% month-on-month, jumping from 8 625 in June 2016 to 10 677 in June 2017.

The UK is still depicting sluggish growth for the month of June, sitting at 3% year-to-date increase, and a 5% month-on-month change. The US continues to show notable growth with a 10% year-to-date increase, and a 16% month-on-month change, with a jump from 31 286 arrivals in June 2016 to 36 155 in June 2017.

Brazil continues to show massive growth, with 176% month-on-month increase and 128% year-to-date increase. Arrivals from Brazil went from 2 071 for June 2016 to 5 710 in June 2017. Australia continues to show constant growth, with a 15% month-on-month increase, jumping from 8 626 in June 2016 to 9 887 for June 2017.

Asia and China show a decrease in arrivals, with China down 27% month-on-month and India down 4% month-on-month. China dropped from 8 247 in June 2016 to 6 019 in June 2017.

Saudi Arabia and Singapore arrivals have soared, with Saudi Arabia sitting at a 160% month-on-month increase and Singapore a 137% month-on-month increase, resulting in a 42% year-to-date change for Singapore.

The Middle East also showed noticeable growth, with a 46% change in month-on-month arrivals, and a 13% year-to-date increase.

Tourism Update will publish further reports on the increases and decreases in arrivals from certain key markets throughout the week.