A worthwhile cultural activity to consider when holidaying in Mombasa, is the sound and light show at Fort Jesus, which was built in the 16th century by order of the King of Portugal. 

Guests are welcomed to the fort by local Portuguese and Arab fire-bearers. They sit down to watch a dazzling sound and light performance, followed by a sumptuous five-course dinner served alfresco within the ramparts of the fort.

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) suggests, as a cultural experience, a tour of Mombasa’s old town sites, that includes Fort Jesus, and a cup of tea at one of the outdoor restaurants complete with local delicacies such as Mahamri (a coconut doughnut), Bhajia (vegetable snack), Mkate wa Sinia (rice and coconut cake).  Swahili cuisine, it points out, is readily available in many restaurants.

KTB also highlights the Mombasa Carnival and its festive parades staged every November in Mombasa, as well as the Maulid Festival, a month-long commemoration of the birth of the Prophet Mohamed, climaxing in a three-day celebration in Lamu in December.  Lamu also hosts an increasingly popular Yoga Festival in March.