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Kirstenbosch to open tree-top canopy walkwayToday's News

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A new tree-top canopy walkway is expected to open in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Western Cape, early in March.

The Boomslang Aerial Walkway will be situated in the Kirstenbosch Arboretum, which houses a collection of over 450 indigenous trees. It is 130m long and peaks at roughly 11.5m above the ground, giving guests views above the forest. The walkway follows two years of planning and will be free to anyone who has entered the gardens, for which an entry ticket is required.

“We wanted to celebrate our Centenary with a project that would be spectacular, unique and long-lasting,” said Adam Harrower from Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden.  “This walkway, which had been on the backburner for many years, fits all the criteria and was a perfect way to mark the event in Kirstenbosch with something permanent.”

Designed by architects Mark Thomas and Christopher Bisset, the walkway was inspired by the form of a snake’s skeleton. It has been constructed from galvanised steel and will be painted to attract moss and growth. The walkway offers 360-degree views of Cape Town and the city’s mountain slopes. It also allows guests to experience the forest from high above the ground and see birds and other animals that are otherwise difficult to spot.  

The walkway will be wheelchair accessible and was made possible by private funding but predominantly Mary Mullins.

Pictures of the walkway can be accessed here.


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